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Science Fiction Romance
Short Novel

Throwing caution under the wheels of a big rig
published by Ella Drake
series: New Guardsmen
March 25, 2015

Two decades after civilization’s fall, Nathan Covington makes his last trucking run into the lawless Midwest dust bowl. The rig he's refurbished has been his entire life, but he’s getting antsy. A change is coming.

Hawk, Scout, scary-ass-bitch. She goes by all those names. Her real one doesn't matter. The only thing that does is survival. Food. Shelter. Supplies. A trucker who doesn't want to give her what she wants? Well, he can be sacrificed. Even if he's the one thing she's wanted to steal more than any other.

Use caution: story contains a heroine who knows how to throw a knife, a hero who dares to run dark in a big rig, a motorcycle gang who’ll do anything for fuel, and sweltering love in the badlands.

keywords : Science Fiction Romance. Post-Apocalyptic. SFR.
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