eroticRomanceDesire the Banshee

Erotic Paranormal Romance
Novella (ebook)

Cinder Mated #1
published by Ella Drake
series: Cinder Mated

Daisy is a banshee, a mage of sound. On missions for the Cinder Task Force, her handler Sean joins her telepathically to help control her turbulent powers. What she really wants is a little hands-on-Sean time, but that’s impossible. She’s never seen him in the flesh.

Deaf since the onset of his para-talent, Sean can only hear when inside Daisy’s thoughts. He dreams of possessing her, but fears the worst—that fulfilling the sexual lust between them will lower his shields and he’ll shatter her mind.

A rogue group has gathered and targets Daisy. Sean has to act. They’re finally in the same room, their powers meld and their bodies want nothing more than to do the same—again and again. But to rescue Daisy, they have to put aside the raging attraction. Easier said than done.

keywords : Erotic Paranormal Romance. Elementals.
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